About Us

Company History 

Steckbeck Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. (SBJPL), has been manufacturing and exporting top-of-the-line diamond jewelry selections in Gold, Platinum, and Silver since 2003.  SBJPL is a subsidiary of North American Jewelers (NAJ), a major U.S. manufacturer of fine jewelry in Chicago downtown. NAJ has a strong presence in the business way back, since1986. Today, we are known for our high-end unique jewelry selections for bridal wear and special occasions. With 27+ years of experience in the industry, our products come with a certificate of excellence ensuring high levels of satisfaction to our customers.

Company Strengths

An understanding of the latest trends and fashions with an ongoing market research allows us to remain at pace with the industry. We ensure that only the best product reaches our customers and we are sure it will help us achieve a good and enduring relationship with our customers in future too. Steckbeck Jewelry employs the best talents in the gem and jewelry industry thus enabling unique creative inputs, and also taking care and ensuring that each design is special and offers greater perceived value to its / our buyers / customers. A reasonable pricing on best quality products, timely delivery of goods, strong network of retailers across the globe, and an uncanny ability to understand customer mindset are our main strengths. This has helped us to achieve much and maintain our strong presence the world over.



Our state of the art unit for manufacturing world standard precious stone ornaments is presently located in India’s premium special economic zone (SEZ) SEEPZ at  Andheri in Mumbai. We manufacture spectacular Rings, Earrings, Pendants of  Gold, Platinum and silver, studded with DIAMONDS. We also offer customization options to our clients to ensure that the purchased items meet their individual specifications in design and material used.


Steckbeck Jewelry has a strong network with major retailers internationally. Our reliable service, prompt delivery, and quality assurance has helped us to develop and maintain lasting associations with our clients and retailers spread across different continents. This helps us to create a strong presence the world over giving us a competitive edge over others. Today we export our special jewelry selections throughout the globe to Europe, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, and South Africa.



We at Steckbeck Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. are committed to achieve highest level of Ethical, Health Safety and Environment Standards.



  • Strict compliance is ensured at all times, with all applicable national and, where appropriate, international laws / regulations with respect to money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, facilitation payments, corruption, smuggling, embezzlement, fraud, racketeering, transfer pricing and tax evasion.
  • We ensure Kimberly Process / SOW & Disclosure compliance in all our business of diamond studded jewellery.
  • The Group shall ensure complete prohibition Bribery and facilitation payment across organization and in all the entities.
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • We will regularly dispose of wastage materials after proper effluent treatment.
  • Steckbeck Jewelry is committed to provide safety of product throughout its supply chain.
  • Steckback Jewelry is committed to fight against undisclosed synthetic diamonds.
  • We declare that we do not deal in conflict diamonds and ensure to continue the same in future.
  • Compliance is ensured at all times, with applicable national and, where appropriate, international laws / regulations with respect to employment and labour.
  • We will never engage child labour.
  • We will not discriminate in engaging any employee.
  • The management of Steckbeck Jewery is fully committed to ensuring that forced or involuntary labour is not practiced in any form at any of its facilities.
  • We ensure strict compliance of health and safety norms.

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